Have You, Like Many Offline Marketing Consultants, Arrived At This Scary Point:
  • Have technical skill but don’t want to sell
  • Don’t know how to scale your business
  • Don’t want to do the work of finding all the customers?

And so the thought strikes you:
“I know! We’ll hire Home-Based Commission Salespeople.
And they’ll do the work for us!!

Some have tried. And in the struggle to set up their sales team, these business owners found that so-called "cost-free" salespeople:

  • Ate up their time with questions (most not about sales)
  • Didn’t last--many not even past the first hour of calling
  • Took too much time to train
  • Came for training materials and kept them when they left.
Setting Up An Effective Sales Team Isn't Easy On Your Own--But Expert Help Is Here

I'm Sales Force Developer Jason Kanigan and I've worked with companies large and small, from Inc. Top 1000 firms to brand spanking new startups, to develop their home-based commission sales teams.

I have seen everything under the sun when it comes to commission salespeople. People who signed up but didn't show up. People who left after barely an hour of trying to make calls. People who were brought on simply because the business owner thought there was no cost to doing so, and that having as many salespeople as possible was the right way to go.

I've sifted through thousands of application packages. Hired and fired hundreds of people. Done all the learning.

So you don't have to.

One company I worked with was a management consulting firm in Virginia. They wanted appointment setters, but just couldn't get the right people working for them. Until I arrived on the scene.

I also worked with one of the fastest-growing franchise firms to completely redo their franchisee operations manual, and the training videos and quizzes that went along with it. And included in that was, you guessed it, procedures for hiring and managing salespeople.

Here is your #1 chance to get the expertise they got from me: never make all their mistakes; get great people working for you right away; and experience successes--not failures. The very same sales force development expertise that I bring to big corporate clients for tens of thousands of dollars. Key tools like:

  • What to say in your advertisement to attract the right people and discourage those who are not a fit
  • The most effective way to lay out the ad so that it gets read
  • How to screen applications and resumes to spend your energy on the best candidates
  • The process for conducting interviews, enabling you to uncover the good and the bad and make a hiring decision based on much more serious criteria than "I think I like him/her"
  • The way to train your people so that it takes an absolute minimum of your time (preferably none!)
  • Who to keep and who to ditch, and how fast to make that decision.

The fastest way to scale your Offline Marketing business is to hire the right home-based commission salespeople.

They bring you the work.
You don't have to sell.

All you have to concentrate on is getting your product or service delivered.

Simple! And Now, With Sales Annihilation by Sales On Fire, You Can Accomplish This With Ease

Here's what we're going to do in this world class toolkit program:

  • Look at the structure of Sales Team Setup so that it stays manageable and doesn't "get away from you" down the road
  • Discuss The Money to ensure you're offering the right commission
  • Review precisely how an effective Hiring Advertisement is laid out
  • Go over the Candidate Screening process, to quickly sort through the many applications you'll receive
  • Take a step-by-step approach to Interviews to make sure your hires are the best choices
  • Concentrate on giving you Standardized Processes so that everyone in your organization is doing everything the same way, and getting consistent, measurable results
  • Provide you with the most potent Sales Training program on the planet, so that training your salespeople takes NONE of your time
  • Remind you exactly how the salesperson needs to continue being responsible for the project right through the Delivery phase (the salesperson is NOT off the hook)
  • Evaluate Performance Measurement techniques--answering questions like 'When should I fire?'
Just Because Someone Says They'll Make Calls For You Doesn't Mean They Can Sell

This is one of the biggest lessons I learned in the first decade and a half of my professional career. Many people can talk a good game, but when it comes time to show up they're nowhere to be found.

You cannot afford to waste your time on losers.

You cannot afford to waste your time on answering the same questions over and over.

You cannot afford to have commission salespeople who do not sell--and worse, damage your reputation with what they do.

Sales Annihilation Is A One-Of-A-Kind Toolkit Program Solely Created for Offline Marketers

You'll get this program through:

  • The first hour-long group coaching session covering Agency Setup, the Hiring Advertisement and Candidate Screening to Interviewing, followed by Q&A
  • The second hour-long group coaching session, covering Standardized Processes, how to use the Sales Training program effectively, and manage your sales staff through Delivery and Performance Measurement, followed by Q&A
  • All the ad copy, procedures, contracts, and documentation you need to set this up--so you don't have to develop it
  • Access to the Sales On Fire Module One program, which will be available to any salesperson you choose to hire--they can look at it anytime, even in the middle of the night!
  • Access to the Offline Control program, which provides additional in-depth sales training so you don't have to
  • An hour 1-on-1 coaching session with Jason Kanigan to personally discuss your business and guide you on the setup of your own sales agency
  • Recording of our 1-on-1 call for your future reference
  • Access to the recordings of the group coaching sessions.


I'm not only a sales force developer: I'm also an operations management expert. That's continuous improvement, process re-engineering, and production management. Job titles I've had include Production Manager, Plant Manager and General Manager. The right processes are critical to your success, and I have them here for you.

A sales force development program of this caliber is not available anywhere else--except perhaps as a consultant's project billable in the tens of thousands of dollars. The sales expertise here alone cost me four years of my time and over $13,000! And putting your home-based commission sales team together is so easy, because all the heavy work is done for you already!

Remember, this is the fastest way to grow your business...and I've been through all the hurdles over the past two decades with companies large and small so you don't have to hit the bumps. Let's get started on growing your business now! This program could easily be priced at $4,999. But for now it's yours for just: