OK Sales Judo fan,

I was typing this all up on Facebook and it got a little lengthy to explain. So here goes:

First of all, if I were to run "just" a group call, it would be $27 to get in. And you'd get the call...that's nice, but it doesn't really help you reinforce the techniques and knowledge again and again, the way you know you need to, does it?

So several of you have said you're interested in "Sales Beginner"/Module One of the Sales On Fire program. It's $129. You can get it at that price here (it's the leftmost option).

But DON'T. You don't have to. Here's what I came up with: we'll do the call for just $27, so that I can answer your questions LIVE...AND for just $20 I'll give you lifetime access to Module One. Plus, you'll be included in our group coaching skype group and participate in a coaching webinar within the next two weeks. (Those of you who signed up for the sneak peek for group coaching--if you get this, you'll get a THIRD hangout free). This is by far the wildest offer I've ever made--and it's only for you in Sales Judo. I want to make raving fans out of all of you!

Incidentally, we ran a coaching hangout yesterday, and one of our Sales Judo members was there...he said:

“Thank you Jason Kanigan for opening the Sales on Fire call to non SOF members. The Hangout was a nice platform and allowed for a good conversation. I liked being able to explore the R and I in greater detail with you. I do get it now. I came home today with my head held higher even though my "work" role today was not the best. If you open the calls again I would encourage everyone to try it out. I came away with confidence for tomorrows calls.”
Bryant Keefe

So to itemize all these goodies...for only $47 you get:

  • the private group coaching call for us Sales Judo members only, Thursday March 29th at 7PM EST, in which you'll learn what the secret cause of the fear of making cold calls is and how to deal with it; we'll go through a way of approaching calling that will literally spin your head around and put you in the moral authority drivers seat; and we'll run through a script of how to sell a mobile website (easily modified for google places optimization, reputation management, etc.)
  • lifetime access to Module One of the Sales On Fire program:Overcoming Call Reluctance and Making the Sale (read about it here but do NOT buy it there or watch the video linked to on the membership signup page above)...tons and tons of video, audio & pdf info in there to help you
  • two weeks membership in the Sales On Fire Group Coaching Program, including our private skype group and a coaching hangout--$247 value all on its own!

All this for a grand total of just $47. After fees and taxes, it'll be about $30 for me--I'm obviously not making this offer for the money. I could have waited until the Sales Judo content ended, and then offered it to you for $129 plus $97 for the live 1-on-1 call. But that's not the culture I want to have here in the Sales Judo group...let's get going, get all the knowledge together, and have a group of high achievers who can brag about their results! Sign up with the button below...this offer is only open until Thursday night and won't be made again because we'll already have had the call. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Sorry, This Offer Is NOW CLOSED

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P.S. If you can't make the call Thursday night, YES you will get the recording.