HOW DO You Get Those Highly Targeted, Salivating, Money-Dropping Customers to Your Door?!

Read on to discover the secrets to making effective sales videos. You've seen products that give you the technical skills to make a video; but what about the message? How do you get viewers to actually call you--or buy?

  • "Brochure"-type videos don't cut it
  • Putting pictures of you and your kids or pets in the video isn't going to attract customers
  • Looking and sounding like everyone else who does what you do won't sell
  • Clumsy editing will put off your potential clients
  • Not having a plan and objective for your video will make it boring and ineffective.

Yes that's right: you need a plan and objective for your video. "We'll just show them a picture of what we do, or the side of our van, or our product in action, and that'll do" will get you bad results. Putting your business card on video won't accomplish a thing.

  • Your video has to immediately speak directly to your target viewer
  • You need to show them right away that you understand their world and their big problem
  • Your video must offer the viewer a solution, not features
  • You have to differentiate yourself from everyone who does what you do
  • Your video needs to conclude with a definite Call To Action.

Nearly all videos made to sell products or services come across as amateurish, unclear in their message, and undirected towards any target market. Those fancy transitions the editing software gives you do not improve your credibility in the viewer's eyes. Bad cuts from scene to scene disturb your prospect and jumble the message.

Show Your Prospect That You Understand Their Problem Or Your Video Will Not Work

Selling is a skill. And the vital hook to the sales process is getting your prospect to recognize their own situation. You accomplish this by telling them about it. Describing the big problem that they're experiencing, which your product or service solves.

This doesn't take long. Ten to thirty seconds. But those few seconds are critical. Get this wrong, and your video will be a dud.

  • You must open with the key problem your solution fixes
  • Your phrasing needs to be in the jargon or specific language of your target viewer's niche
  • You need to express it quickly.

Correctly phrasing these opening "pain points" is another skill. Fortunately, Jason's sales training expertise will help you uncover these problems, and say them in the right way and with the correct words. Then your prospect will instantly recognize that you understand their situation--and you'll immediately have the credibility you need to stand out from your competitors.

Next, your video must show your expertise as a solution provider. Following that, you need a strong Call To Action. "Call Us Today!" is not enough.

Through FOUR Expertise-Filled Video Training Sessions, Dez and Jason Will Guide You Through the Entire Process, Sharing Their Expertise to Ensure You Have an Effective Video
  • Session ONE: Why People Choose to Do Business With You - communicating your message effectively and standing out to your viewers
  • Session TWO: Storyboarding through Example Videos - the way to set up a successful sales video
  • Session THREE: How to Communicate to the Four Different Types of Buyers, and make your conversions explode
  • Session FOUR: Getting Started and Actually Completing a Video - so you get results!

Dez and Jason do not want this expertise spread around. So this offer won't be open long! Get in now and discover just how fast your videos can be bringing you tons of money with the best clients you've ever had!