Special Coaching Offer
for Sales Judo Students Only...
  • 2 x 30 minute coaching calls with me
  • Call Shadowing -- me LIVE with you on your calls
  • Get the instant feedback you need for calling success
  • Have the accountability partner you need to take action
  • Use the Sales Judo techniques instead of continuing to "research"...
  • This is THE FASTEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to start comfortably making calls. You can get a tremendous amount of information in 30 minutes. And having me to encourage you will make sure you get on the phone
  • Jumpstart your business with the best accountability partner you'll ever find. Even if you have another student as your accountability partner, it won't be the same as having me there to ensure you're doing the behaviors you need to do to make sales
  • Make money NOW--not "when you feel like calling" sometime in the future. I know picking up the phone is still scary. But why wait until some vague time in the future to call, when you could be making prospecting calls with me today? That's how you makes sales and get money!

You have the Sales Judo techniques. Now you have to put them into action. And for just 5 fortunate people, I have reserved super discounted spots at $49. Sign up now because these will go fast--my normal hourly rate is $250, and I have taken into account the budget situation most Sales Judo students are in right now to be able to make this offer. If you want to get out of that situation in a hurry, this is the way to do it.