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Ready to make extra cash for Christmastime, or anytime? This method is going to be easy, straightforward and quick to implement for you. Let's get started!





Here are the written instructions on how to implement this system. Click here to download.

Note: the offers inside are no longer available. I am, however, continuing to give away the PLR content!


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Need some ideas on how to implement? This idea is an easy one to expand and take to the next level.

Let's say you do what I did. Print up some tickets on business card stock...I got 8,000 for under $400. Then, I posted Craigslist ads to attract commission salespeople. These were interviewed at a local coffee shop, and three were selected. After being instructed on the method and given some ideas, they went out and did their thing.

Here are a couple designs of the four I had made up:


One salesperson hooked up with a florist, and a ticket went out with every sale. Another did this with a dollar store. They dropped tickets off at bus stations, malls and college campuses. Whenever a sale was made, the store got a commission (if one was involved), as did the salesperson.

The money was in the back end. I ran the sites, so when the first sale was made the buyer was directed to a One Time Offer. The initial offer was three of the e-books for $7; the OTO was all 42 for $27. The initial offer was pretty much a loss leader--I offered 80% commission to the salesperson, which they could divide up however they wanted with a distribution source they may have connected to such as the store. All I needed was 14 OTO conversions, or about 2/10ths of one percent buying the OTO, to pay for the printing--see how that works?

How'd we keep track of who got what? Each offer had a unique landing page, which was printed on one of the four card types. Clicks coming through to that page could only have come from that card. That way I could track which salesperson was most effective. Yes, it was crude: I couldn't really tell which design worked best, but as long as the salespeople told me what they were doing and where they were putting the tickets, I could see what locations worked best. Then the Paypal buttons were titled for each salesperson.

At the end of each week, it was easy to go through and see who had sold what. Then I could hand out cash to each salesperson, and give them the numbers so they could pay their distribution partners.

See how this was arranged to succeed? With partners in my business, it was not going to work if I relied on $7 sales. An OTO was absolutely necessary. And I was taking the risk--I had paid for printing the cards, bought the PLR content, and set up the websites. Still, not a ton of work; is it? You could do something like this.

See? It doesn't have to have anything to do with Christmas at all. You could make designs for any niche...for any time of year. How about an Easter promotion? A Halloween one? Opportunities await--do you have the eyes to spot them?

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