Referral System for Accountants

How Accountants Can Get An Unending Stream of Targeted Referrals

If you're an accountant and run your own practice, you know it can be difficult to get new clients. Cold calling people just doesn't seem feasible, and as a professional it's natural to feel that you shouldn't have to. But waiting for clients to walk in the door, and having to take everyone who wants to work with you regardless of whether they're a true fit or not, is a bad place to be. So what else can you do to:

  • increase revenue
  • drive more qualified prospects to you
  • spend a manageable time on marketing, without letting it take over your business?


The answer is a Referral System.

Customized for accountants, Sales On Fire offers a proven system for you to implement and start earning more money more easily.  If you've ever wanted to ask for referrals but don't know how, or want to build up a network so that you can get at least one daily referral, read on.

Daniela, a small business accountant who owns a franchise public practice, says:
Accounting Referral System

"Working with Jason was great. He understood my business and my target market and knew what needed to be done. He put all the tools in place and provided me with online tools from his own business to help me understand what we needed to do on our end. I feel very confident I know how to move forward...Thank you Jason."

So how does this work? We will give you all the tools you need and the coaching to put them into place to get referrals. With it, you will be able to:

  • talk with other professionals in a comfortable way about referrals
  • target specific fields with relevant reasons why they should do business with you
  • acknowledge and reward people who refer prospects to you, using non-monetary means
  • track who is referring to you, and how often
  • advise your clients about reputable complimentary services to your own that they require.


Getting new clients for your accounting practice doesn't have to be about kicking down doors and making a nuisance of yourself cold calling others. It doesn't have to take a lot of time in order to produce results. You just need the system and coaching to get started. After you learn how easy it is, you won't want to stop!

If you've read this and know that a referral system is what you need--even though we're sure you have probably never considered the idea before, book a free call with us below. We'll discuss your situation and the system, and you can decide whether or not it's right for you.

We should warn you up front:

"Sales On Fire's Referral System for Accountants Isn't For Everyone."

If you're an accountant with your own practice, but are:

  • comfortable with things as they are now
  • unable to commit five hours a week for the first month on implementing the system
  • unwilling to talk business owner-to-business owner with like-minded professionals in your area
  • not able to envision yourself at the center of a strong referral "web"
  • disinclined to refer prospects or clients to organizations that are a better fit for their needs

then our referral system is not for you.

Still want it?

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