Consultative Selling MAGIC!

Thanks for wanting to see these FREE videos which will give you tips and methods for comfortably making more sales.

These are some of the very first videos I made. So don't expect editing or HD. I leave them up because the content is still very relevant and useful to you. (I'm not even sure how people get to this page anymore, because it isn't in any autoresponder series...but a handful of people a week do, so here it stays.)

First, we'll look at Consultative Selling MAGIC!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Next, we'll look at several videos I made for the Warrior Forum. These begin with your mindset for success with calling, and then move into specific strategies.

Your Cold Calling Mindset

Problems Prospecting: For Cold Calling Newbies

How to Start the Call: Prospecting Success

Eat That Frog!: Overcoming the Common Objection

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