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This is the fast track to sales success...

I'm excited for you, and looking forward to our sessions. After a year of planning and testing, we're here.

Reinforcement of technique is THE #1 way to achieve sales success. Even I continue to do it, after all these years--because without reinforcement, it's so easy to slide back into your old comfort zone and lose your effectiveness.

The coaching includes:

  • Two one-hour coaching sessions monthly
  • Recorded sessions for future access
  • Sales technique topic presentations by me
  • Q&A after the presentation
  • Individual questions by the group members for the group and Jason
  • Private Skype group for Q&A and group interaction between sessions
  • Ability to email Jason about questions you have as they come up—for instance, if you had a special prospect and were unsure how to approach them
  • Full access to the Sales On Fire training material—videos, ebooks etc. including content not released to the public
  • Secret Bonuses!

This life-changing coaching is $495/month for most people. However, since you're an existing client, I am able to offer it to you for just $197/month. You'll be on the fast track to sales success!


If you have an questions, email me at See you there!



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