The following are reviews of a SALES ON FIRE coaching call designed to blow away the fear of picking up the phone--also known as call reluctance--and get regular people confidently making calls. This individual, personalized coaching experience has helped over 130 people become professional, ethical salespeople. Customized coaching calls have also been conducted for highly experienced telemarketers and top level sales champions who were temporarily stuck on an issue and experiencing poor performance. "WSO" is an acronym for a specific site offer. If you are looking at video training, the content is the same. The clients say:

---Lane's Standard Review Caveats: After being ripped off countless times by WSO's that promise to be something that are not, or maybe a little better, just plain useless, hyped-up products and information, i decided that for now on, I would only review a product AFTER I tested out the method, product, information, and NOT after 5 minutes of buying. I decided I would not, like many people, come back on to a thread and write a review about "how awesome something is, blah, blah, blah," knowing that other people would spend their hard earned money, and in some cases the money they don't have based on reviews. Finally, If I do receive a free copy or discounted review copy, I will tell you. Otherwise, I spent my money just like you did!-----

First, I bought a previous introductory product from Jason, and liked it, so when he told me he was going to be doing a WSO, I was happy. I NEVER imagined how life changing it would be!
I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally come back on a WSO thread and actually be able to tell everyone how much a WSO really does work!

I got this WSO and went through the materials. I had my conversations with Jason.

Does it work? YES! yes, yes, yes! A thousand more times yes!

Three days later and 1 sale and two appointments using this method.
Before I tried this WSO, I struggled with getting clients, couldn't talk to potential clients on phone, tried all the different methods of "getting clients without cold calling," using email blast, voice blast, etc. You name it, I've tried it, but . . .

literally within days I landed 1 sale and 2 confirmed appointments for next week!

If you're an offliner, you'd be stupid not to take this offer and run with it, especially at this price. Without even the one on one call with Jason, the information he gives you is worth the price. Of course, if you don't want to do it, then that's fine, because it means more money for me.

I charge a lot for my offline marketing services. So, My two appointments (all of them were excited) stand to net me $5,000+ (i plan to upsell while they are excited at pricing)--Like he says, have the client sell themselves and stop leaving money on table. Before this WSO, I was begging people and giving away freebies, and worse, giving away my dignity. But not now, I followed Jason's instructions and made some money.

That's $5,000 dollars I will have made in three days (1 of those days was spent with Jason and his materials) because of his methods. Before, I couldn't make that in a month.

What you will need besides this WSO?
A want/need to succeed in YOUR business!
And, a mouth to ask questions! It's the best money you will ever spend on a WSO that will give you something you can not only apply to your business (any business, or job!) but in life, as well!
If you let him help you, like me, you can see RESULTS within a matter of days of getting through the material and the one on one with Jason.

Short WSO Review:

It's rare that I never have any cons in my reviews, so I'll give you one con. If you are unwilling to invest your time in talking with Jason for an hour, and unwilling to follow his instructions (take action), then you will fail with this WSO. But hell, you will fail with any WSO if that's the case.

Buy this and start making money for yourself! I am really impressed with this WSO. I can't believe how nice, knowledgeable, and giving this guy is!

Be well,

Please stop wasting money on quick $$$ making schemes and push-button, automated stuff for getting clients. They don't exist. The only things you can automate is software, not relationships. And it's the relationship building that will get you happily paying clients, and more importantly, happy-to-pay you month-after-month, and pay you more and more type-of-clients! I'm going to tell you, the ones that respond to voice blast and email blasts, etc., are the clients that will dump your ass as soon as you want to get paid what you are worth. There the one's always looking for the cheaper deals and next sucker who is desperate to lower their price to land them. Look, there's enough money out there for all of us offliners and onliners, and I want to see people succeed. That's the reason I like this guy; he wants you to succeed, too!


I had a call with Jason and I have to say that I found it very beneficial.

I've had a serious case of "call reluctance" since getting burnt out and leaving the insurance company I worked for. This was over 15 years ago.

I've been in IT consulting for the last 12 years but I have always relied on other people to get my gigs for me. Things have since changed and it's up to me to be the rainmaker so to speak. So I knew that I needed to do something.

After meeting with Jason and working on this I feel that I can better control that primal part of the brain that is the seed of all doubts and worries, the lizard brain.

I like consulting and helping people and the initial call is just the beginning phase of that process. Now I'm more comfortable with the idea of picking up the phone now.

Thanks Jason. I look forward to putting what I learned into action


Who this WSO is for:

People serious about building their offline business. Plain and simple. Jason covers very directly the psychology behind qualifying a potential client (which is huge, I am going to start implementing immediately), building a solid "30 second commercial" (changing mine as I type, I was doing it all wrong), how to get past a gatekeeper (great psychological trick here, plays on human nature!), and different ways of closing.

If you are looking for a get rich quick solution WSO, and think that you are going to read this and become super salesman: you are wrong.

If you are looking for ways to improve your sales skills, get into the minds of clients, and seriously build a business, this is for you.

As I read through, I realized where I can imporve, and where I was doing things he mentioned, I just didn't realize I was doing it! The things that I realized I was doing he mentioned, are the same exact reasons why I have grown my offline business as rapidly as I had in the last 45 days.

If you are an action taker, scared of the phone, have no 30 second commercial for any situation, plan on practicing these methods, grab this up, you won't be disappointed.

The investment you put into this, put that into action, you will can literally recoup that x100 in the next few days.



Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to really understand how to take out the pressure of cold-calling and how to really drive a real nice, short and non-sale discussion with someone to qualify them.

What i loved it's the way I can easily make any client close themselves on the phone, so easy from both parts when you ask the right 2-3 questions that you provided.This will blow the conversions into the roof and can be tailored to any services.

I learned plenty useful stuff from the guide and also from the chat we had(more than 1h). I really enjoyed talking to you and from your first words i knew that i was talking with an experienced closer and you made everything so easy for me to get started and get some sales over the phone.

I'll keep you in touch with the progress i make.I'll get on the phones once i finish my website and portfolio.

Guys, you can't miss this one. It's the easiest way to approach cold-calling and you will soon realize that there's no pressure on the client/gatekeeper with Jason's method.

Thanks again Jason and i know that you and your guide will inspire many people to really see how cold-calling can be easily transformed in a friendly conversation that will eventually finish with a sale



Here is the deal. I wanted to respond to this and give a review and vouch for kaniganj, a lot earlier. I was unable to come here when this was posted because I've been busy with clients, making sales, and completing projects.

I am a pretty successful warrior, however I had some problems in December, had a bad outlook and things were looking poorly for me in the middle of the month. With Kaniganj's help, encouragement, and contributions, and of course me putting it into action, resulted in December being one of my most profitable months.

So far, January, my sales have already exceeded my forecast and there are still 4 more days left!

Its pretty simple, if you want to succeed and your dream is financial freedom, a successful business, sales whenever you want them, confidence to get results, then Kaniganj is someone who can help you tremendously.

.... if you don't make 10... even 100 times that amount with the help of this WSO, then you are lazy and unwilling.

I also want to mention that when I had a little slump, a simple paragraph or two of encouragement and guidance from kaniganj helped me get to $1,600 in sales in the next two days. I also would like to mention that the next week (Christmas week) I did over 4K in sales. This isn't just a hyped up product.. this isn't a hyped up product creator.. this is just the real deal.


Jason provided me with some quick tips on how to move clients from thinking to purchasing. His negative selling technique is particularly powerful and worked the same day!

Based on that I bought one of his sales training courses and have used it extensively, and given it to my employees to use - and we've seen some very good results.

If you're not prepared to work, don't hire him.

He can help you get the results you want.


Just finished my call with Jason ... no clock watching from this guy, continues until you have the artillery required to succeed.

Only took a few minutes before the first revelation. This alone WILL transform my results. It's a consultation so everyone will benefit in a different way. Looking forward to tomorrow and putting into practice what I have learned.

Jason is offering a solution to a pain many, many people on this forum suffer from ...... picking up the phone to get more business.

Mention "no cold calling required" and your wso is likely to hit 4 figure sales. Fact: the majority here dread the idea of using the phone as a prospecting tool. We also know the following: phone diligently and you will get business quickly.

If offline is a hobby keep ignoring the fact that you can write more business quicker with a phone, you'll still get a client here and there. If you see yourself as a pro, spend the measly bucks and invest in yourself. Give yourself the absolute best chance of reaching your goals. add this to your skill set and give it ago.


I had the call with Jason this morning! I am finishing up the PDF's now. I was approaching cold calling all wrong. I will be back later in the week to update you on my results. Thanks Jason!


I just had my call with Jason, what a great guy and a real inspiration. He clearly showed me the mind blocks that stand in the way of taking action and making those calls.

On top of that he made it taught me a crystal clear way of showing the client the real value! that's pure gold in itself!

Id also like to point out that Jason went well over and above in terms of spending time with me, we spent over an hour on the call to ensure that i took in what he was teaching.

Huge value before ive even opened the PDF files or listened to the webinar recordings, how many WSO's can you say that about!


I know I shouldn't be buying any more wso's but since I have been wanting to start cold calling but yes, I freeze and find anything but that to do. I have looked in this forum for good scripts and found threads where a lot of people say cold calling doesn't work.... etc.

I think it could definitely work if I knew how to do it correctly. I pondered for a little while about getting this but decided to invest in one more training course that I am hoping will help me get the wheels in motion.

I look forward to having my time with Jason and taking action. I have tried email, direct mail and no not to the point I should have but I truly believe that cold calling in general should produce much faster and better results.

The fact that this is one on one plus a script just helped make my decision easier.



I am not sure where to start: so here goes, I had my call with Jason and like everyone before me he gets so focused on you and the conversation that he loses track of time and goes well beyond 30 minutes.

Within the first 2-3 minutes I already knew I would get some value from this but little did I know how much it would be by the time we were done.

He asked me a few questions about what I thought my time/services would be worth and said to keep the higher end in mind. By the time we were done, he had made me believe that I was worth 6 times what I thought I was in terms of value to a client.

I had some "WHAT" moments and he skillfully made clear to me what he was saying and why he was saying this should be said or that.

I know that I have a new attitude (okay, I still hate the phone for any reason) about calling to make my dreams a reality. I feel so much more confident about calling and while I know I am in control, I also know how to make the person on the other end feel in control.

Jason goes above and beyond in making sure you understand what he is teaching you and the fact you get a copy of what's recorded is fantastic as for the most part I was frantically trying to type out what he was offering.

I couldn't because I realized I needed to hear what he was saying and so decided to focus and listen and got so much more out of everything that way.

Anyway, I knew some stuff already so that helped but what I did get from this is something that made it make sense when it comes to calling and not thinking I am bothering you.

If you need any kind of help with your mindset when it comes to calling a business to offer your help, this will definitely help.

Thank you Jason for everything,
kimberly Aita


Literally just got off a call with Jason for this WSO.

Here's my honest review.

I have a number of clients, all of which I have gotten through other methods not named cold calling.

However, I always new if I wanted to take my business to the next level, I'd have to incorporate cold calling. In my head I knew that there isn't a faster way to find clients then just getting on the phone and dialing. But, i'm sure like many of you, I would talk myself out of it and kind of just fear picking up that phone and making calls.

What Jason did for me was... he got me to look at cold calling in a completely different manner. A manner in which I haven't heard anyone on hear talk about before. I don't want to give away too much here, but what I can say is if your scared of cold calling or if you just need some pointers to get yourself going, absolutely invest in this WSO.

I recommend this WSO 100%.

(ps.... we went over the time limit a little bit but he was in no hurry, he made sure everything was clear and that he got through everything.)

Thanks again Jason.


Well, I read this WSO's sales copy and if all promised is delivered, it is one hell of a deal. While most people would rather drink sulfuric acid than cold call, if it is well designed, with the correct engagement tools, its the fastest way to secure clients in need of our various services.

I just started a coaching program lead by a highly respected offline marketer. While he offers many ways to reach business owners in a favorable way, none includes cold calling that I am currently aware of. Likely because of it being so distasteful to to most of his coaching students.

Because of my background I know that cold calling, despite the heaps of rejection that can be involved (which scares the bejesus out of most grown men and women), is the way to go if you want to turbo charge your client getting experience. In a past life, I build an entire book of business from cold calling. And I was taught the "butting heads" model of cold calling. It seems Jason's model is a lot less combative and manipulative and he claims it still gets great results.

Like others, I much prefer prospects calling me because the psychology of them calling first is so advantageous and with no rejection anxiety involved. But I cannot deny the power of smart cold calling and therefore I'm in to see how Jason can sharpen my client getting knife in just 30 minutes.

You're on Jason!



I had my coaching call with Jason a few hours ago.

I came to the call with a lot of cold calling experience (phone and in person), so I wasn't certain how much new stuff I was going to learn.

I was pleasantly surprised that Jason's cold calling model is a lot different from the one I was raised on and a lot less taxing on one's ego while making the calls because of the mindset position Jason's model puts you in during call time.

Jason's cold calling model puts the pressure where it belongs....on the prospect rather than on one's self doing the conversation.

While in some circumstances, you are taught how to manage or leverage a prospect's response, by no means are you being manipulative or disrespectful of the person's intelligence. One chief technique you will learn is how to "manage" the prospect into qualifying themselves for your service, product, etc.

Jason includes his tactic for quickly solving one of the most dreaded problems cold calling rookies all face: How to identify and remove time wasting prospects (who don't appear to be time wasters at first) off of your grid so you can get to the real people who are open to doing business with you. This one tactic if you are brave enough to implement will save you untold amounts of wasted time and frustration.

Obviously, I am very glad I brought this WSO. And I have no hesitation recommending Jason's cold call coaching to other warriors who wants to ramp up their client getting cycle because its what 99% of their competition is too scared to do.



I had the distinct privilege to speak with Jason a couple of days ago and learn first hand from a sales master. It's taken me 48 hrs for the wisdom he imparted to really sink in as I've listened to our call audio and reviewed Jason's additional (killer!) material that he so graciously shared.

Bottom line... I've never had a problem talking to prospects face to face or when they call me but reverse roles where I called a prospect 'cold' and I would lose my train of thought, try to recall some goofy script or even worse - "pitch" them.

Within 2 minutes of beginning our call, Jason was able to essentially flip a switch in my brain that has been holding me back from HUGE success using the good ol' phone by not implementing consultative selling and instead... falling into an almost adversarial and counterproductive sales role.

Within 10 minutes I had three "a-ha!" moments that totally transformed the way I view calling and now, believe it or not, I've looked forward to making calls since.

Yeah, may sound crazy but I've since been able to view the game from a whole 'nutha level and I've found myself wanting to experiment and put what Jason revealed to me into actual practice.

I botched the first couple of calls but soon found myself in 'the zone'... or at least entering into it.

Others have mentioned Jason's willingness to 'go over' on our scheduled time and my experience was no exception. And I totally understand how even that is woven into the process. Very powerful lesson of over delivering.

My experience was stellar and I suggest that anyone going through similar "phonephobia" take Jason up on his generous offer... you'll be thankful that you did!



I just finished a call with Jason. WOW! In just an hour Jason melted my primary fear of picking up the phone and cold calling people - suddently all the training I had from courses and books over the course of 10 years became obsolete on what I just heard.

Thank you Jason, I am a loyal follower!


Jason Was Great! guys all i can say he helped me with some fears inside that now its something i can ignore because of how things are period. He opens your mind to protect your emotional feelings etc.
Edwards WOrld


I just got off of my 1 on 1 call with Jason. The others that have said he was very giving were right on the mark. My gf and I have started our offline marketing business and he had no issues with her sitting in on the call as well. He definitely is not a clock watcher and makes sure that you understand everything that he is going over before allowing you to leave.

I have done everything in my power to find the magic bullet in order to avoid cold calling altogether but after our call with Jason, I have realized that I was looking at it all the wrong way.

If I had not purchased this WSO, I might have made a go of it but I am totally convinced that I would have failed miserably! Now that I have a complete understanding of how to prospect and find only those that want to work with you, I am totally confident that we will succeed beyond anything that I could have ever imagined!

For all of those on this forum that keep asking "How do you cold call?" or "What is your technique to cold calling?", do yourself a favor and purchase this WSO! You will not regret it! This is truly a WSO that will pay for itself many many many times over! Quit looking for that magic bullet because you'll never find it.

And remember:
"You have nothing to fear but fear itself." - FDR
And Jason will definitely give you the tools to overcome your fears!!!

And by the way - Jason is Great!!!


Thanks Jason for the call,

I haven't yet gotten into cold-calling but decided that this is something I would definitely do as I'm going into offline marketing in 2012.

Jason went beyond the 30 minutes and he's taught me a lot of things that I didn't know before. Both mindset and practical issues. At least now I can approach cold calling from a different perspective from what is normal.

I highly recommend his coaching call and even his future coaching sessions which I hope to take. I'm a huge believer in coaching. The price of the call is not much as compared to how much money he could earn at other places. So you can be sure Jason is one person who truly is in it for helping people and not for the money.
Jon Paella


Hi Jason,

Thanks for the great call! I thoroughly enjoyed our hour this morning. I learned useful and immediately applicable ways to combat call reluctance and improve the process of getting to the customers that are open to learning about and hopefully purchasing our products and services.

Your approach is fresh and insightful. I appreciate your kindness and generosity in sharing your knowledge with this very affordable and valuable WSO.



I had my talk with Jason and I must say I was enlightened!! He went over and above any other WSO I have ever bought.

He not only taught me the mindset I should have when cold-calling, but also a bunch of tips for my specific niche.

He also supplies an MP3 of the talk we had. Great stuff to go over again and make notes of some stuff I might have forgotten.

I look forward to trying all his ideas (this week actually!!)

Thanks again, Jason!


I've been doing affiliate marketing but want to add offline marketing to my business. Having never really sold directly to clients I was having problems getting myself to make the calls. After talking to Jason I feel much better about approaching clients with his method as it completely reframes how you interact with the client. His method lets you get past the no's without getting discourged and giving up. The call was well worth the money. If you reluctant to make those calls I would urge you to buy this wso and talk to Jason, he can help you change your attitude toward making the calls to build your business.

Thanks Janson, I enjoyed the call


Hey Warriors,
I've been a VP of Sales for about 25 years and in the last year transitioned over to the IM world.

Over the last few months I've built a team selling IM services to offline business in our area.

Despite, what I thought I knew about selling, and after having bought countless WSO's that said they'd make offline the sales process easy and effortless, myself and my team have been hitting a wall converting suspects to prospects, and prospects to clients.

This lead my to Jason's WSO.

A real one on one call with a pro.. "whoulda thunk" you could get that on WF!

I spent an hour this morning, going through Jason's material with him one on one, and I have to say, it was a real wakeup call.

Jason has a great, informative and friendly manner, and at first cut, I'd say he really is on to something about how one should sell their services.

Not only will he help you get more clients, he'll make sure you do it with a smile on your face, by gettting clients that you truly want to work with, and one's who can afford to pay you what you are worth.

I'll be trying to put this in place with my team over the next day or two, and I'll pop back with a more informed update, once we have implemented the approach.

But, take my word for this. Before you go off and buy some other cheap pdf WSO that promised how you can get clients, talk to a real pro in the field.

I think this WSO is one of the best investments I've made on the WF, and I hope to prove it real soon.

Thanks again Jason.



(and a couple days later)
Hey Warriors,
I left a review up above but I thought it might be valuable to add a bit more to it, based upon my experience yesterday.

I had my call with Jason, 2 days ago.

Yesterday, I had the good fortune of closing a 7K SEO deal with a very nice recurring piece as well.

Now, I'm not saying this was the direct result of Jason's advice, I'd already oncovered this prospect, gave a written proposal, and had this "closing" meeting scheduled.

However, Jason's advice helped me with my own mindset and confidence as I went into this meeting.

I went in knowing my services were VALUABLE, and that I would not deviate from my price or start adding all kinds of extras that would have been free... many people easily could have done either, especially if they went in feeling the ABSOLUTELY NEEDED the business.

I went in feeling they ABSOLUTELY NEEDED my services and my services were properly positioned and approporiately priced, and that is a very nice place to be in a negotiation.

In fact, had I spoken to Jason earlier, before I gave my proposal, I probably would have charged more for my services.

So even though Jason was not 100% responsible for this deal.. he had some infuence on it.. and I highly value that influence.

In summary.. I think Jason's offer here is a no brainer.

Thanks very much Jason.
Patrick Batty


Well, I can truly say its your loss if you don't grab this offer while its still up.
A lot of "aha" moments Jason defiantly knows what the hell he is doing.

Picking up the phone and making the call was not really an issue for me but feeling like i was doing something wrong or saying something wrong was my issue and Jason tackled that easy.

Also gives you a great qualifying system you should follow to avoid working with the
WRONG people, this is a must know because it could actually damage your business if not done correctly.

Bottom line is Jason wants and likes to help others in his field you will notice that when you speak with him. So quit asking yourselves "should I get it?" Yes do it now.


I bought this WSO from Jason. All I can say is WOW! I've learned a lot on how to speak to people without feeling like a slimy salesperson after potential clients' wallets. This course teaches people how to build win-win relationships by cold calling.

Last year, I made lots of cold calls and I got discouraged.

After Jason's call, I want to conquer the world again and this time I'm committed to do what it takes to build a client list without feeling like I need to make a sale on every call.

This is a game changer.


Ok I just got off the call with Jason and wanted to put in my review,
His 1 on 1 call was amazing and will help you to start calling and should empower you to take action with his technique there's no reason why you wouldn't want to call.

He's a great guy and gives immense value!
I also love the fact that i can go back and listen to the 1 on 1 call over and over again as who wouldn't need a brief reminder to go back to right.

If your thinking about getting this and your fear of cold calling is still there, give this a go, you won't be disappointed.

Thanks again Jason!
Best Regards,

P.S. i'll let you know when I land my first client with your new strategy!


I am in the process of re-arranging my personal business model and a good chunk of that is pushing myself further into the mobile website arena. I realized I was going to need to explore all avenues of contact with potential clients, and decided I should not leave out cold calling as a tool.

I bought this WSO - actually looking forward more to seeing the script (download) as mentioned above as I don't think I have so much a fear of making the calls and getting a percentage of rejections - but just had no idea how to handle what to say exactly when getting someone on the line.

I realize first off that the script itself is not so much as important as the psychology behind why things are done in the order they are done in and the methodology behind the script.

Jason went above and beyond with my call - beyond the 30 minutes - and he was the one doing all the talking - with the occasional "yes or no" type questions for me - I think to test if I was still awake on the other end.

Having not yet made a single call, I actually feel like I was given a complete plan from beginning to end. This includes a mantra to recite before making a call, what things I should have in place before making the call that will make having the right answers immediately available to me, and I think Jason tackled a much bigger issue for me (whether he knows it or not).

I have a problem of undervaluing my work and not always charging what I should. My initial goal was to find a new client per week and charge a set rate of X - but with Jasons advice I see this is not the best tactic for optimum profits, and how to justify asking for quite a bit more money - and yes - making the client feel at ease for giving it to me. I can still have a goal of one new client per week - but should I fall short of that goal it won't matter so much if I follow this strategy for how to charge.

This consultation has actually left me a bit excited to get on the phone and start making calls sooner than later. While I've never minded walking into businesses and meeting face to face, making a quick phone call is certainly much quicker than driving around to everyone for that initial contact - and in the process I'll be able to quickly weed out unnecessary stops I might have made in the past.

I think this call can benefit everyone working in offline and the price of this call will pay for itself most certainly if you proceed and follow through. He could have easily charged this price for a canned video or audio to listen to, but the huge added benefit is the one on one personalization - which at any time you can interject or ask something and get an immediate answer.

I think at this point the only thing I need to find is a local enemy to send the work I decide to reject to.

I highly recommend this to everyone working in offline who wants more customers.
Jill Carpenter



Thanks for the call! I went in with a cautious optimism, and I was absolutely floored! The stuff you discussed has given me the confidence to go about cold-calling a completely different way; one in which not only more success is guaranteed, but importantly, 'failure' will have far less of an effect on me!

Sending the mp3 of the call is awesome because I can listen to it whenever I need refreshing, like the start of a business day! Further, the content provided in additional to the call is all gold too.

That was some serious one-on-one training.

This gets my highest recommendation - are you cold calling? You need this!


I had an excellent convo with Jason earlier today, it was relaxed and his focus was helping me and not clock watching....he found out what my thoughts and perspectives were as it relates to speaking with prospective clients and tailored a plan of actions I can use. The feedback he gives you will help you make efficient,productive use of your time.

I have been involved in Sales/Marketing for more than 15Yrs and have spent alot of time on the phone so I wasn't necessarily reluctant to call but I did have, other issues within the prospecting/sales process that needed adjusting.

What Jason did was give me a new perspective on calling and speaking with potential clients. He gives you perspective and tools that put the leverage with you and that allows you to control the situation/call. He gave me many tools that I can carry with me throughout my day that I can use in different situations to help me reach my intended goal. For me the process/thinking was almost like a paradigm shift from what my experience has been in the past.

Like others have said this is waaayy underpriced and it's universal. No matter what your focus/product/service is and whether you are engaging with others in person or on the phone, this is a must have if you want to do it easier and more effectively.



What can I say about the exceptional training I've gotten from Jason through this WSO? In a word, "TRANSFORMATIONAL!"

Jason knows selling well. But even better, he teaches it well also. I had such a relaxed and informative conversation with Jason yesterday that I now consider him the ONLY source I'll need for honing my sales skills.

His approach to selling makes SO MUCH sense and hits so many psychological buttons that I can't imagine myself selling any other way from this point forward.

Thank you a thousand times over Jason for shifting my paradigm so effectively and giving me a direct path to making more sales by phone and in person.



I dont do reviews, cause I prefer spending my time on clients - but this is a exceptional high standard WSO, which deserves recommendation.

I bought this WSO to sharpen and brush up my offline phone skills and get them back to highest standards.

I was by no mean disappointed. This was an excellent call and coaching at a very high level, delivered with ease from Jason.

Jason takes you through the cold calling proces from prospecting to closing in a very clever manner, with a straight focus on getting the right clients for your business and securing the sale.

Wheter you are an offline starter or intermediate level phone star, you will learn techniques of smart selling for fast results.

If you have the attitude, the right personality and Jason´s script, you could easily make your investment back 100 times in one month, by following his directions.

I only know of two phone sales coaches at Jasons level, both represented in this forum.

I give this my highest recommendation.



The amount of content that Jason shares is outstanding, and the way he does it is equally impressive.

Jason goes into the psychology of why we do what we do, and gives you real hooks to hold on to and lift yourself out of where you currently are and sets you on the path to where you want to go.

Even if you only implemented one fifth of what you get from the WSO, you'd still be ahead. Thanks Jason!


Wow Jason!

I really didn't expect such a great experience when I purchased your '1 on 1 call' WSO.

I have never been comfortable talking to anyone I didn't know, much less being able to approach prospects and come across well.

I honestly thought your claims were a bunch of crock (pardon the bluntness!)
I didn't see any way that 1 phone call would change how I view prospecting calls and talking to business owners - but I WAS WRONG!

You set me at easy right away. You guided me through understanding many communication issues that most people have, and showed me a better way to deal with them.

I'm so glad that you recorded the call. I couldn't have learned so much if I had been trying to make notes of it all!

The additional material you supplied after the call was awesome as well.

I feel that I have received at least 10 times the value that I spent!
I look forward to learning from you more via your other venues.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience and insights!



Fellow Warriors,

Over the years, I have purchased several WSOs. This is the VERY top tier in delivery AND value. A session with Jason is PURE GOLD!

What I like most was his approach and explanations of sales techniques. No, these are not your "standard" fare..... Jason uses a very effective and not "salesy" approach...

I would recommend this to anyone who would like to acquire more clients... AND money.... Is this you?

God Bless,

Rich Beck


Dear warriors,

Jason suggested to do the call on Sunday which was the first thing that pleasantly surprised me.

I can only second the experience of everbody that provided a testimonial before. Even though Jason mentioned the time passing on several occasions... he kept going on and on... Well, we finally agreed not to mention how long that call took, but he assured me it was the longest one!

The first part of the call dealt with the "inner game" of cold calling and how to overcome the fears involved. In the second part Jason demonstrated a method to subtly convince the prospect of the value we would provide him with. One waring here though: You must be willing to raise your prices otherwise chances are this approach will not work for you!

Be aware that the price we are selling our work for has got a lot to do with self-worth, that's why Jason addresses the psychology of calling and prospecting first, before applying any new technique.

As a former management consultant and well-experienced in cold calling, I was astonished just how much of an impact this call had on me and just how extremely valuable this experience was for me. Aha moments you normally only get on high ticket seminars.

Let me say, I am 'soldd by experience', and know for sure I will use Jason as a resource again in the near future.

Highly recommended, get this now while still available!

Dan DaSilva



I emailed this to Jason, but I wanted to leave it here as well. Our phone call was awesome, and Jason really helped me relax and approach cold calling with a better mindset than I have been in the past.


Hey Jason,

I wanted to write and let you know that today I've started using your "unsure" opening technique and your followup script for my cold calls. I've made less than 30 calls and already landed two appointments. I have no idea why I've waited so long to use your techniques but it's really working, and it's got me conversing with clients in a more relaxed, natural way. I love it. The previous two days I've made over 100 calls with little success, but today has been awesome with only 1/3rd the calls.


Thank you for this awesome course.


Jason -- THANK YOU so much, my training call was worth every cent and more. You are a great teacher and know your stuff. Wow, I was blown away ... I will definitely use what I learned as I approach my prospects... Very happy with my purchase .Thank you Thank you ... will be back for more.


Fellow Warriors --

I could easily do a "copy n' paste" of what others have written here -- the common thread of quality and value that Jason provides is clear to all of us that grabbed the opportunity to learn from him via this WSO. He definitely OVER-delivers!

He started with mindset, and taking stress / pressure away from contacting potential clients. That part was to get MY mindset right, and he then went into solid techniques for easily eliminating resistance from THEIR end -- just awesome, and something I can easily see myself using!

Not all of the WSOs (offline or otherwise) I've purchased in the past have been what I'd call "gold", but there are some. And even those have sat on my computer because while I see that they COULD work, I just couldn't see myself USING them. Fear on my part? Sure. All in my head? OK -- but still very real to me, and so very limiting. But thanks to Jason, I now know something about the way our brains are hard-wired -- some real "this-is-why-you-think-the-way-you-do" stuff which was very enlightening. So while these "fear" feelings may be real to me, I know that they are also very normal and not unique to me, and I can now easily take action around them.

I plan to continue with Jason and his other teachings -- my choice, based on the results I got from just this initial exposure. He's the "real deal", and anything that will get me to take positive, forward action is truly a life-changer.

Thanks for doing what you do, Jason -- I'm so glad our paths crossed!



Jason, you really delivered on this WSO.

Jason gives you a way to conquer your fear of cold calling, how to start a meaningful dialog which translates into infornmation that qualifies the prospect as in or out as well as if they have a budget to work with and a personality that works with you.

A quality WSO with bonus of PDF and MP3 so you can review material whenever you need.

This is your chance to ask the Pro questions you need answers to.

Buy the WSO, well worth the price.


Jason is the real deal! He goes way above and beyond and definitely over delivers. I have personally been selling for years but recently have been experiecing a terrible case of call reluctance. Jason got right in there and helped me get to the real root of the problem. This is for anyone that wants to know how to sell the service or products more successfully. Jason is a master at sales because he's been there and done that but more importantly he knows how to help you get out of your own way so you can sell more effectively and enjoy it in the process.

Thank you Jason!


Hey sup guys,

Bought this WSO.
Jason was really generous with his time, and he helps a lot with his posts.

I never heard a telemarketer in action before, so that helped me a great deal.

I'm nick1 from TMF btw.


Jason has overdelivered in more ways then I can comprehend. To have a one on one call with a popular guru would probably set you back at least $500 so this is a steal.

The amount of information delivered was phenomenal and it was backed up by bonuses that compliment and re-inforce the training given. This WSO is truly unique. It goes into the realm of personal coaching without the hefty price tag.

Superb value.

Sadat Ali


My wife and I received our training call the other evening and were extremely pleased. Jason was very generous with both his time and knowledge. He provided excellent insight into the value of consultative selling.

We plan to listen to the recording of our conversation more than once, especially the latter portion where he addressed our specific situation. Jason goes way beyond that by providing other training and resources that we can review at any time.

Thanks, Jason. Much appreciated.



This is one of those hidden gems you keep looking for in the WSO thread!

Honestly, this call should be priced at at least $497.

Look at it this way: if you are serious about selling and making money GET THIS NOW!

On the other hand, if you are brain dead and want to run in circles instead of raking in CASH... well, you don't deserve to find out the techniques Jason teaches.

This is the best WSO I have bought this year!

P.S. You're still here? Click on the buy now button, put in your payment details, start getting some paying clients!


Hello WF,
I was really excited to finally get my call with Jason. My business was needing an injection of some intelligent guidance and coaching. I had not done cold calling in several years but knew from past experiences its definitely the way to hit the ground running any successful business venture n o matter what your offer is.
The reality is all the same pointers he had also apply to cold visiting to business offices where you have no established relationship prior.
The call went over an hour and he asked if I had time to still go more and of course I would have to be an idiot to turn down more coaching .
If your thinking you know you need something to help your business then my advice. You need first to stop buying other crap WSOs and get this one. Here is why, because no matter what slick system you might buy. It doesn't matter if you don't know how to do proper qualifying of your Suspects. Needles to say this teaches you several things you might want to know:
1. How to avoid the Gatekeeper issues that stall most your progress
2. What to say to peak the curiosity of prospect with out puking on them( scripts that your yammering to someone who could care a less or cant afford what you have).
3. How to qualify OUT so you don't get a dead beat business owner that really is planning on taking you for a ride. How many times have you had that dreaded customer you wish you could tell to Fly a kite? Forget that BS know ahead by asking the right questions and tell them thanks but I don't need you dot want you as a customer.
These 3 reasons alone should be enough but there's more gold on your call with Jason.
Just Do it! seriously the best investment you'll make in your business trust me.


I just got off the phone with Jason and his coaching is top notch. He really didn't focus on specific techniques but more importantly ... How to get out your own way to make more sales.

The quality of the coaching was worth the price and if you follow his advice your investment will make you far more.

One thing that was most helpful to me was a simple jedi mind trick that completely changed the way I viewed the negatives of blasting through a bunch of call to get to the yeses.

And after talking with Jason I feel more confident in using the phone for prospecting than wasting my time on email, mailing out videos, and spending lots of cash on direct mail.

Jason doesn't give you any theory. He gives you 100% real world battle field tested advice.

Try out this WSO and you won't regret it.


Just got off the call with Jason... wow!

He manages to take old ideas that you probably have in your head about selling... and show you the 'flipside' of the coin... using stories and analogies that make sense instantly.

Being on the live call was so much better than passively watching a training video or listening to an mp3... I felt like I engaged my brain much more because it was a real person... plus I could ask questions whenever I wanted.

Definitely worth the money. I got amazing value from the call.



Jason's 1-on-1 call is a winner! Imagine this....

The Gatekeeper is your Friend
Hearing "No" is Okay

A couple days after our call, I spent a day on the phone and doing door-to-door prospecting. Making calls was much easier than before AND I made progress even when the owner was out of the office.

If you need to sell to human beings and want to sell more and have fun while you're doing it...take this coaching call now!

Richard E


This was probably the best value WSO that I've purchased to date ... and I've bought plenty over the years

Jason is incredibly insightful, not just in terms of sales, but also in terms of human psychology.

Just one of the "Aha" moments for me was how a simple shift can completely change not only my own mindset and attitude, but also the attitude of the person I'm speaking to as well.

So much of this stuff goes against the grain of the 'traditional' model, but that's exactly what makes it so powerful. Instead of just going with the 'suck it up and dial' method (that only breeds further anxiety), Jason teaches you how to prepare yourself properly, separate yourself from the other salespeople out there, and actually make people want to do business with you.

Honestly this is worth waaay more than what he's currently charging. Like I said, this has probably more value than any WSO I've purchased in the past.



If you need to sell on the phone, and you aren't already a superstar, availing yourself of Jason's GENEROUS offer will probably make a world of difference.

He showed me why we are fearful and frustrated when dialing. And better yet, how to throw those feelings out the window and move on with our prospecting. And, what prospecting really is.

He made it clear to me how to have a truly healthy and stress-free attitude towards prospecting and selling.

The guy obviously knows his stuff about selling and reveals some devilishly simple but effective phrases to put both you and your prospect at ease.

If you have technical knowlegde but are scared shi*less of selling - get this!



I purchased this WSO a few weeks ago, and had my call with Jason this past Monday. I have to say it was awesome!

I was a bit under the weather, but all the lights within me turned on anyway. This training is priceless, and I mean that. It will set you up in freedom to do now what you want to happen in your business.

The funny thing was, and I told Jason this...this opened up my whole business, not just on the phone, but in every other area as well. Just my approach, my attitude, and my outlook has changed completely.

Prospecting, calling, and turning up business turns out to be easy...when you practice what Jason preaches.


Just got off my call with Jason, and all I can say is WOW! I have NEVER received soooo much valuable and NEW information and great methods to sell plus over come the "Fear Factor" of cold calling.

FYI....I've been in sales for over 30 years!

The price? Forget it! Worth more like 10 times the price....maybe more!

If you want to take your business to a whole 'nother level, then GET THIS NOW! No $9.97 WSO is going to do for you, what this one does!

5 Stars all the way!
Michael Clough


Having had the opportunity to spend time with Jason on purchasing this WSO, I must say it was an incredibly valuable experience and one I would do again without hesitation. So much was taught in such an innovation way that I was shocked at all I thought of ho to approach clients was wrong (get that you need to become the hunted instead of the hunter and on conveying that, clients will beg to work with you).

I have not heard of this before and it's not likely anyone but Jason is known to teach this . And he has mastered it. He is uniquely able to convey this complex information in an understandable manner and it was invaluable.

Anyone considering this value wso will not regret the decision. Will stay in touch with Jason on using his further services on improving my game. Cold calling skills are so critical and no one can teach this better than Jason.

Good luck in your efforts,


Today I spent over two hours with Jason and he delivered big time on this WSO. This was money well spent and i would recommend others who are in sales (which should be just about everyone) to take advantage of Jason's expertise. From mindset, to self esteem, to technique and a whole bunch of extra goodies he has added to the program, just do it... you will be glad you did... Bob


Jason seriously has this stuff figured out, he's essentially a cold calling psychiatrist.

Digging down into what actually keeps you from picking up the phone rather then the "suck it up buttercup" approach.

Within the first 10 minutes you'll have a completely different mindset about cold calling, plus an awesome "shrimping" method that will make your life on the phones so much easier in general.

5 Stars!




I have never said this about ANYONE besides myself, but I think Jason has a real calling for teaching telemarketing. He has worked hard even while being underestimated at first...

His advice is totally on cue in every post. EVERY post!

Dont take my word, read it for yourself. I gave him a hard time when he first got here... but , man, I really feel this guy. He has a gift for this, and I sure wouldnt share the telemarketing spotlight willingly without really knowing someone was the real deal. I would rather give them a hard time until their fakeness was exposed and they hung themselves with their own words.

I "feel" Jason though, you cant hang him because he's right on every point.

You could say Im complimenting thats because we JV'd... or that this is a fanboy post, unless you know me, but I think its the opposite: I think we Jv'd because of what I just said! I really believe in this guy, and think his advice is 100% awesome, no pretensions.

Anyway, shouting out to Jason. Im jealous of some of the advice you give here! Seriously.

Good luck! I hope this leads to a fulltime telemarketing counseling career for you, or that you dont see a better opportunity and bolt from us, because you really have a gift/understanding for teaching this, and its lonely being the only other telemarketing teacher here that I totally trust and believe in without hesitation on every level!

In short:

I give people a hard time who come spouting theory and bs about telemarketing, because they havent paid their dues to own that respect, many are full of BS... You really arent. You really have an understanding of this, you totally earned my respect and I know it was a pain in the A$$ having to go through the fire here, but you knew your message was needed.

Im convinced too!!

Please keep counseling people!


Ps. Lasse agrees, and Im with Lasse who has also earned my respect hugely, not specifically in telemarketing, but in general as a business person and Warrior comrad!
John Durham


I decided to jump in and purchased Jason's WSO last week after reading all the great testimonials.
It's more than the average WSO but my fear of cold calling over powered my wallet and I am glad I made the purchase.

We had our session last Saturday that lasted over 2 hours.
It was a great session and there were at least a couple of AHA moments for me.
Exactly what I needed to hear as I was always scared to pick up the phone to cold call.

They say public speaking is the number one fear,
and it's one of my greatest fear, unfortunately.
But for me there's an even greater fear...


I needed a serious mindset shift to get over the fear.
After talking to Jason my cold calling fear vanished.
Not 100% gone, I don't think I can get rid of it completely.
BUT it's minimized enough for me to start picking up the phone
That personally to me, is worth a lot more than Jason's asking price.

Thanks Jason!



I purchased this WSO and I wish to share my highly appreciative review:

Jason really surprised me. I knew he was going to deliver a worthwhile, unique 1on1 with me and I knew that I was bound to gain a fair deal of new information from our discussion.

My situation was a little different. Before the call I explained to Jason that I've been doing Sales over the phone for nearly a decade and cold calling is no problem for me. I told Jason that I needed to improve mostly in the other areas he instructs such as closing the deal. So Jason had to adjust how he delivered this training to me just a slight bit for my situation. Adjust he did!

Jason dug deep into the heart of how I have conducted my sales over the years, asking me very specific, very diagnostic-like questions that he crafted specifically just for me. These are questions that he assembles for each of his clients and so you can expect that the diagnostic questions he is going to be asking of you are designed entirely around your specific circumstances.

I was not anticipating what I was about to discover during the meeting with Jason. He soon after opened up and revealed a real treasure chest of some of the most unknown, unheard of, pure golden concepts that I've not heard anyone else ever speak, nor print in any Sales book. I couldn't believe it! When I asked him about some of these concepts, he even told me that much of these personal techniques of his took him years to develop from all of his own personal years of experience.
You just can't learn some of these from just any other consultant, not what he reveals to you. Not even from the most seasoned veteran consultants of online or offline marketing. It was also the way he framed what he communicated to me. It really drove deep and drove home for me, and Jason taught me with a personal style that really rivoted this info into my thinking. I also appreciate how he categorized what he taught. He teaches you in steps and also so that you follow those same exact outlined steps when you implement this during your salEs calls. You leave from those 2 hours feeling like a fresh whole new person with an all new set of advanced selling skills. It's that hot!

He also gives you his web link to a real nice deal of his materials all of which enhance your training after the two of you complete his 2 hour one-on-one intensive.

Jason over-delivered so much that I really felt as if he gave away the entire house. You just can't find this type and this level of information anywhere else and especially for so little for not just 1, but "2" hours. That's pocket change! Those two hours were packed with pure gold and absolutely no fluff and no average ordinary stuff. They were also 2 hours very well enjoyed. Jason clearly hit this one right smack out of the ballpark. I can't thank him enough.

I highly recommend this WSO. Well worth it, and one last thing. What he delivers to you is pure gold from his own unique discoveries he's made over the years. I mean pure gold. Not just from all his training he's accumulated. They say that experience is Life's greatest teacher. Jason's info stays with you inside your head for the rest of your life. So get it, and keep it, for life. Well worth MANY TIMES what he asks for it.

**I Highly recommend**

Thank you many more times Jason.


All I can say is WOW! I read all the reviews and it was clear that Jason has a pattern of over-delivering. Well, his streak is unbroken! He gave me many nuggets to work with and now that I have the recording of the call, I can have it transcribed and refer back to it and memorize the advice until I am a ninja! I have heard from many sales trainers that one "should remain emotionally disconnected from the result"... that's a nice little phrase, but Jason is the only person who dissected it and gave me the nuts-and-bolts I needed to understand how to do it. For that, I will remain grateful to Jason. In fact, I was so pumped, I went and met a friend of mine and we talked about what is holding him back in sales. I talked to him as Jason talked to me and now my friend is calling ME his coach... imagine that... ME... a coach!!! If that isn't testament enough for you guys to get off the fence and buy this coaching call, then you are clearly missing the boat. You will make the money back incredibly fast and will wonder what took you so long to decide to buy! Just DO IT... don't be a putz! Good luck to all and many thanks to my new friend Jason!


I have spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out how to be a better salesperson. I've even taken personal coaching one-on-one regarding sales call reluctance. They did some sort of extensive analysis and profile of who I am and what I'm about and why it's difficult for me to make sales calls.

None of it worked.

When I got on a webinar and heard Jason's story I was intrigued. I was also very reluctant because of all that I have been through. But there was something about his manner and the way he presented these ideas that I bit the bullet and bought his one-on-one coaching program.

It was fantastic.

He personalized the entire experience directly to my needs. He made sure that I understood exactly what industry I was talking to and what I would need to say to them. The thing that really gets me is that instead of all this elaborate analysis as to who I am, he gave some very simple and straightforward psychology and secrets as to who I am dealing with.

Anyone can follow this program. Anyone can follow the step-by-step outline of what to say. Instead of trying to lay down on some psychologists couch for hours on end and thousands of dollars later to figure out why you can't sell, just buy this program and learn a small amount of psychology regarding gatekeepers, and some simple tricks to easily weed out potential prospects from worthless calls.

Yes, of course buy this program. What are you waiting for? I know you're hesitant because it costs something more than $7.77. You're worried that somehow this money is going to be lost on "some other program" and that you still won't be able to make the calls you need to provide for your business. I know all this because I have been in your shoes. I guarantee I have spent more than you on sales training programs! I guarantee I have wasted more time than you have on this issue!

Just remember, that this is one-on-one training and that you are talking to a professional who knows the entire process from beginning to end. And more importantly, he knows how to teach you how to do it. You're not just downloading some stupid e-book that you'll never read. You're not attending some crazy webinar where you'll jot down a bunch of notes and forget about them for 6 months and find them later by the side of your desk.

You are getting one-on-one personalized training for your business.

This really isn't very difficult either. The simple tricks that he shares with you are so easy, anybody can do it. It isn't a giant list that you have to remember, but only 5 or 6 things that come real easily with very little practice.

But the best part of his entire program is the fact that when you're done making your 1st call, that little voice is not yelling at you inside your head. That little voice that has screamed bloody murder every time you wanted to pick up the phone, has quietly faded into the background, and with just a few words of encouragement, stays there.

Your self-esteem is intact. You can make another call and not be worried about the outcome. Whether somebody yells and screams at you and slams down the phone, or whips out their credit card and buys your program, it doesn't matter. Your self-esteem is intact.

What are you waiting for? Buy it. It's what you need. You know it and I know it so just go ahead and do it. Quit procrastinating and listening to that voice inside your head wondering whether it's worth it or not. It is. Just do it and schedule your one-on-one coaching session so you can begin to get your life back by making the sales you know you can make.

Buy it!




I really wanted to come back only when I had a significant amount of success after Jason's training. The session with him really motivated me to be fearless in my sales calls.

I seriously needed some motivation after having a few tough sales calls. Since the session, I have closed 6 multi-thousand dollar deals and have never felt more confident during the calls. My Business at MyPromoVideos is growing and much of the credit goes to Jason's WSO

Buy it with confidence and you will never be the same person again.

With Lots of Admiration for what you do


It's about time I came on and gave my review of Jason's one on one WSO.

I wanted to use the WSO call in preparation for a sales meeting I had yesterday. Now, what Jason teaches is obviously targetted to "phone sales" however I wanted to try out the same material on a face to face sales call.
The sales process went amazingly well, better than I had hoped in fact. Jason talks about "monetising the problem" and that's exactly what I did yesterday. I let the client work out the figures and annual return and watched as he talked himself into a higher monthly plan and was HAPPY to come to an agreement on a figure I'd have been thrown out of the room for had I brought it up!

Great job Jason. I know that to learn what you know takes years of experience and thousands of dollars. I got all of that at a FRACTION of the price and in such a short amount of time.

Andrew Carnegie didn't know everything, but he submersed himself around those who did know. I'm sure that went some way into making him the wealthiest person in the USA at the time

Truly the best WSO I've bought.



I want to say 'Thank you', for our 4/28 call.
I tried on and off for 2 different days, to leave a comment.
It must be my eyes.
I could not find the area to leave it.,

This was an Ah-Ha call for me.
The consultative approach and let them set their own price is Priceless.
I am working on a Screen share presentation, to use.

Thanks, again.
I am sure we will talk more.
Your time is being put to good use.

My Best to you,
Bob Megill


The call I had with Jason today was just mind blowing!

I learned so many things that I would not have been able to had I just bought some books or other things....

The most I got out of the call was the mindset and how to deal with it the right way and not letting the brain(part of the brain) to play tricks on you and let you down.

Well worth the money and time spent!



I wanted to leave a note about my call with Jason. Let me give a some background about my situation. I have been in the internet marketing space for about 6 years and prior to that I was in sales. While I have been in internet marketing is has been mostly sitting in front of the computer and not a lot of actual sales. I have done very little cold calling in the last six years as I have mostly done seo and pay per click for myself and clients. During my sales career almost all of my time was spent cold calling and harvesting for new business and almost all of it was the smile and dial or going into businesses unannounced while trying to get in front of the decision maker.

Let me first say that you can have success, as I did, with the smile and dial technique if this is the route you decide to go but it never really fit my personality. After six years of sitting behind the computer I am at a point to where I need to go find new business for myself. I came across Jason and his course and I can tell you that I am glad I decided to take the plunge.

Jason is the real deal and his techniques are built to take the pressure off the call and qualify the person on the other end as a prospect or not a prospect. If they are a prospect you move forward with them and if they are not a prosect you move to the next person. It is very simple, you deal with people who need and want your services so you spend time with people or businesses who are highly targeted prospects.

He also explains why we have this negative inner talk going on in our heads and how to control it as well as keeping your confidence no matter the outcome.

This course is highly recommended to anybody whether you are just starting out or if you have experience with cold calling.



I bought this WSO and after having my 1-on-1 with Jason I felt that I owe it to fellow warriors to come back and leave an honest review. I hope this helps some people to make a more qualified decision on whether or not to buy this WSO.

To give you a bit of background, I have sold a lot of different products and services in the past, for myself and for other people, and though I made good money doing so I never really had it down to a science. Since getting into offline in 2010 the one thing that has always bugged me is that when it comes to selling services there is no single, successful and replicable strategy that will consistently get you quality, well-paying clients.

I have also noticed that when it comes to client acquisition methods there is a giant elephant in the room. As marketers we spend huge amounts of time and energy AVOIDING the one method which we know has the potential to transform our businesses and lives. Yes, I'm talking about cold-calling.

Cold-calling is the fastest and most effective way to consistently gain new clients for a business. Once you realise and accept this truth it is quite a short journey to Jason Kanigan's order page.

During our call, Jason completely transformed my mindset towards cold-calling and provided me with a 100% unique approach to consultative selling which creates an internal environment where fear simply cannot exist. You will be able to put your fears and previous negative experiences into context and probably laught at yourself a few times in the process. He gives away a lot more than he advertises and in my opinion his insights into the neurobiological aspect of selling are worth the price of this WSO alone.

Jason is very friendly and easy to talk to and his content is delivered seamlessly with the use of some simple but devastatingly effective analogies. If you are nervous about doing a live call then please be assured that Jason is a professional who will put you at ease and help you engage with his content.

If you want a simple, effective and scalable way to make money (don't we all..?) then do the following:

1. Pick a service that you can easily outsource and which provides value to a business owner.

2. Buy Jason's WSO and use that service as your example during your call with Jason. He will help you get rid of your fears and personalise an approach to selling your chosen service.

3. Follow his 'quick and dirty' script, his approach to qualifying clients (I have never heard anyone else teach this stuff) and his instructions on how often to call and how to manage your calling schedule.

If you follow Jason's instructions you will make sales and you will have a continuous stream of quality clients who will pay you good money to do what you offer.

My own plan is to use this material in conjunction with one of Jason's other WSO's to create a script for a sales team to sell the services of a unique non-IM business that I am a part of. I look forward to coming back here in future with updates.

I would give this WSO my highest recommendation and am 100% confident that anyone who uses Jason's techniques properly will forever change their mindset and actually look forward to talking to people on the phone.

Out of 20 calls I made using Jason's techniques, I managed to get 2 meetings booked. My niche is currently quite small so I am very happy to have 2 meetings from 2 hours worth of work!

Jason is a true expert at what he does and in this WSO he will give you a complete system which teaches you how to make calls, how to qualify clients (Perhaps the most important thing you were never taught) and how to make them practically sell themselves on whatever you are offering.

This WSO is one of the hidden gems on this forum so if you have a real business and want to make real money then I strongly recommend you check it out.

One final thing I have to add is that Jason will completely over-deliver on both the content and the amount of time he spends with you. He actually spent so long with me that he made himself late for picking up his wife! So yes Jason really is as good as his reviews suggest, yes his techniques will help you eliminate your fear of cold calling and yes you will make money if you practice what he teaches.

If anyone wants to know more then I would be happy to answer questions via PM.


Nadim Hussain.


Okay here it goes, sorry for such a large comment guys but I hardly have the time to come on here any more so I have to bunch everything into one large one.

Sales on Fire is truly an invaluable sales resource. I started the course about 6 or 7 months ago with minor cold calling experience. I still had cold calling fears, and my conversions were not flash hot. By the end of the first week studying the material and speaking with Jason, I was able to remove all call reluctance and enjoy the art of cold calling. My conversions increased my self esteem and confidence increased and best of all I was earning more money. Earning $1500-$2000 per week selling design services was great but a couple weeks later I wanted more. I put in more hours, earned more money, but I was burning myself out, so i decided it was time to hire my first employee. The person I decided to hire had no experience in sales, it was his first job, and was pretty much a shy timid guy. I taught him everything I learned from Sales on Fire, within a couple weeks he was generating almost double the amount I was paying him per week. I was in profit. But struggling to keep up with the work load, I couldn't afford to hire a full time web designer because then my overheads would be to high. So I started searching for outsources, After a few chops and changes I found a couple guys that would take over all the design work that I was performing, which left me free to train new employees and create more sales. Six months later I have managed to grow to 12 solid sales reps, I have gone through a few duds which is always the case in sales but I continue to hire and train every month filtering out the ones that don't really want to put in the effort, and keep the one's that show they have potential and want to work hard to hit their sales targets.

Understand that your goals are within your reach, the money is there waiting for you on the tables of business owners, and the quickest and most effective way to reach it is through cold calling.

This will remove your fear of cold calling if that is your main issue which is restraining you from reaching your goals, it will become enjoyable and kind of like a game/competition with yourself. It's all about your frame of mind.

Lastly, to Jason Kanigan, You practically changed my life. And I have no words that can ever thank you enough which is truly frustrating for me. You have no idea what you have done for my family and I. We are truly blessed in what we have achieved and it's all owed to you. You are one of the only true genuine sales people on here that actually takes action, and doesn't just pop up the common fake threads on here on how they sold $10,000 worth of websites in one week all by themselves. You actually know what you are talking about and your stuff works. You provide valuable information. 99.9% of the time for free and deserve a lot more than a "thank you". I commend you for being such an asset to the offline section of the warrior forum and providing true helpful information.

This should honestly cost more than 30 times the amount you are charging, from my ROI this has definitely been one hell of an investment.

~Sean Thomas


Before my sales team and I had this 2 hour call with Jason, we were all discouraged by prospecting and, frankly, more than a little terrified of the phone. I've spent the past year since starting my business in January 2012 with my fingers in my ears, not wanting to listen to the fact that business doesn't just come knocking on the door all on its own. FYI, it really doesn't.

After this call with Jason, just the FIRST ONE, we all feel confident and in control. Jason's method is all about giving yourself the confidence and self-esteem to make not only yourself, but your prospects really believe that you are bringing a high-quality product to add value to their business. Jason was sensitive and understanding to the fact that I was essentially rebuilding my business from the ground up, and wanted to hit the ground running this time around.

I was a big fan of Jason's free videos and resources here on the WF, and having him go even further in depth with me was eye-opening, insightful, and now prospecting doesn't seem like a chore or the undesirable part of getting new business. Now it's the time when I can really build a good rapport and make sure that I am answering a real need for business owners, and not just pushing myself on them because I'm desperate for new business.

I would 100% recommend Jason and his methodology to anyone and everyone who will stand still, it is just AMAZING!
~Elizabeth C.


I had my 2 hour call with Jason this week. I must admit that I was somewhat hesitant to do so since I have been in sales and marketing for many, many years. Also, the price is a lot higher than the typical WSO's on the forum (most we never really dig into or use at all!). In addition, he gives a lot of 'free' advice and value here as well.

But I went for it and must say that this was money SO well spent! On the call he gives the psychology behind making calls and the things that come up on these calls make so much more sense now. He knows what us Warriors and offline marketers face day in and day out, since he interacts with us on a daily basis! Very simply, Jason goes over and adjusts & prepares your mindset before making the call, what to expect during the call, and how to control & feel good while On the call. Without giving too much away, he just shows you and helps you understand how making cold calls can be fun & how to have the control of the call. I now notice even after a couple of days that the little (or a lot at times) reluctance to make the calls disappears. It's like you can't wait to start making calls; and it becomes fun (not to mention, much more Effective!)

Not only did we run a little over the 2 hours, he set another 30 min. call to go over the 30 second commercial! I don't want to go on too much more, but I must say that I was really impressed that after the 2 hour call, it wasn't more than 5-10 mins that he had emailed the recording of this same call. It's hard to really convey all of the value that you would receive from him. If you are a novice OR a veteran, you most certainly will get more than your money's worth AND almost feel bad for not paying him more! I look forward to using Jason's coaching and membership site & making calls...and Lots more money!
~Gary W.


I had my call with Jason yesterday and I must say right off the bat he never stopped delivering value. The two hour call alone is worth at least 10 x's the price of this WSO. There is so much content in the members area and I have not even been able to scratch the surface yet! Everything is put together very professionally and you can tell that Jason genuinely cares about his clients' success. The only regret I have is I wish I would have asked more questions during the called but I was literally speechless because my mind was so blown away by the content. I feel like I was just handed the keys to success on a golden platter! If you are on the fence about this one just get in! You'll never get a better deal than this...


So it's about 22:54 over here on the UK and I've just had over 2hours of what I would call very useful if not essential sales training from Jason. It wasn't just business he's a personable guy so I didn't feel overloaded with info. I took notes even though I'm getting a recording and overall I'm happy because I'm hitting the phones next week and I feel in a stronger position mentally after this call and with the direction I'm getting from Jason's coaching, I know that I'm set to make alot of money and more.

It's really funny because we have the same goals so it's a good fit. So yeah if you're thinking about getting the coaching then I'd say that so far so good on my end, I spoke to him first and then made my decision and I'm thoroughly glad I've invested.
~Adebayo (individual coaching client)


This week I had a coaching call with Jason. It was an amazing two hours. Some of the things that stood out to me was that we had a natural conversation. He didn’t go off of a script and he often asked me questions about where I was at. He quickly picked up on the fact that I’m not exactly a noobie when it comes to selling and he was able to gloss over some of the more rudimentary aspects in favor of more intermediate/advanced ideas/techniques. I really appreciated this and it goes back to his approach to the call which was not set in stone.

I had to stop myself from taking notes several times (which is my first inclination) because he provides a copy of the call for you to listen to later. That is very valuable for me because even if you’re the most active listener, your mind (if it is like mine) will wander into what if’s and immediately start processing and brainstorming.

He really did help me refocus and take a new look at what is going on with my sales process (or lack thereof). I have just started to dive in on the website and take a look at all of the materials that he has made available. Frankly, at first glance, these materials are top notch and so far I have not come across anything that I don’t see insane value in.

As many of the other reviewers mentioned, we went over the 2 hours. It is just a testament to the fact that he wants you to walk away with the knowledge that you need, and if that takes an extra bit of time, he will do it. It is nice to be present in the conversation and not worrying about the clock.

As for what was discussed in the call he gave me A LOT of valuable information regarding cold calling and prospecting – he introduces a new way to look at it so that it isn’t so scary and actually seems doable! I have several years of sales experience and once I get talking with someone about my products or services, I’m fine – but staring at a spreadsheet of numbers and the phone sends me into a cold sweat. I have massive call reluctance. I've even hired telemarketing companies in the past and WASTED a ton of money paying people to prospect and generate leads for me.

Now I know why I'm afraid to pick up the phone and WHAT to do about it! He doesn't wave a magic wand and make fear of cold calling go away – but he will teach you to recognize the symptoms and combat them before you’re huddled in the closet with a bottle of Jack Daniels – or worse yet, trying to figure out who has ramen noodles on sale this week.

A lot of the call focused on the how and why we run our businesses the way we do. Some of this was eye opening for me – and also validated the points that I already knew. It’s nice to hear from someone that you’re not alone in your struggles – especially someone who can give you a road map to get PAST your struggles.

Overall, I really enjoyed the coaching call. I highly recommend to anyone struggling with making cold calls to take the time, find the $297 and just do it. Seriously, I am to the point where enough is ENOUGH! I finally decided to take the leap, I had $440 left on my credit card, and I just did it.

I have reached the end of my rope, I had a phone interview for a job this week and was told YET AGAIN that I am overqualified. I just don't know what else to do than have faith that I am on the right track, and I will get where I want to go. Jason is my Sherpa!

Even if you’re not struggling with the fear related to making the calls – maybe you have no problem picking up the phone, but you’re getting nowhere – Jason is your man. He will help you see what you’re doing wrong, and he will give you some great ideas and advice.

And with that, I am going to say that since I just had my call on Thursday, I haven’t put anything into action yet. I have a lot of materials to go through, and I am going to refocus and see what direction I want to go. So, I will come back a month from now and report my progress. Check back around July 1st and I will report my experiences in applying the methods Jason introduced me to.

Thanks again Jason!
~Theresa Walker


The value in Jason's call was incredible. I'm not "new" to the phone sales world but I got a ton of quality information that will not only boost my sales but have me getting customers that I actually enjoy working with. The idea of selling based on value will really turn around your entire selling process.

At this point, just the phone call alone was worth the price of admission.


I have tonight been on all I can say is the most incredible skype call with Jason Kanigan, I have just been turned totally around, my sales ideas have been totally taken apart, my mind set has been totally altered, and I now finally have the confidence to approach sales calls with a sensible plan, thank you Jason for all your help and to all of you out there who want to learn how to make sales calls the right way, you need to contact Jason now.
~David Murray


After being in sales for the last 25 years and having read thousands of book and been to hundreds of sales seminars , I was intrigued as to what u could learn from Jason but as I am always eager to learn more and try new approaches and after having read all the raving revues I thought I would try out Jason's call and boy was I not disappointed !

I would go as far as to say it was a watershed moment in my sales career and a major paradigm shift , I feel like the veil has been lifted and that now I can see clearly .... Jason's mindset training and prospecting approaches are revolutionary PERIOD !!!

I immediately implemented Jason's techniques the very next day after the call and couldn't believe the difference it they have made in such a short space of time ...

If you implement Jason's teachings you will never fear picking up the phone again or cold calling in any way in fact you will actually start looking forward to it because you will feel that you are in control and not the prospect .. This for me was good enough in itself never felt like that before ...

I now can't wait for objections and look at every call as a money making opportunity not an opportunity for rejection that is a MAJOR PARADIGM SHIFT !

For any of view still on the fence out there all I can say is this is the closest thing you're ever going to get when it comes to a NO BRAINER !!

Thanks Jason !!!!!
~Andrew Cherry, UK & Las Vegas


I had my call with Jason last night, and all I can see is "I'm impressed".

I'm not necessarily in a traditional sales position, and I don't cold call; but I learned some things that I can definitely tweak with my interactions with clients and potential clients.

One of the more important things learned was in regard to headspace, and let's face it...selling is one big headspace game. If you get your headspace is right, you're in a better place to make sales. And if your headspace is right, you won't be upset if you don't make a sale.

Jason took the time needed to get his points across, and he's awesome at using metaphors and even some humor in the process.

Too much to mention here, but if you're on the fence about this one; I'd advise you jump on it before it's too late. I think time is ticking on this one.

This one is a no-brainer.
~Joseph, Chiropractor




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