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Have the weight and stress of all this taken off your shoulders:

* Qualifying your prospect, so that you are protected from getting involved with prospects who should not become your customers

* Uncovering the secret reason your prospect wants to buy--no more guessing

* Ensuring that you don't give your prospects a free education, leaving them with no need to buy from you

* Determining your prospect's decision making process, to avoid trip-ups and uncomfortable last minute surprises

* Revealing your prospect's true that you don't try to sell them something they can't afford

and other vital sales steps that frankly few people know how to do. Having Jason Kanigan complete these steps for you results in you having the very best chance of closing the deal with the right person.

You will probably end up with a higher sale price, too.

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To qualify to work with me, you must have the following:

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  • a Product or Service which you are familiar with, and valued at over $1,000
  • pre-qualified Prospect(s), meaning at least one person who you know is interested in your product or service
  • Paypal account or courier account to send check to pay my fee.


This offer is for people in the US and Canada only.

What will happen is that you'll schedule a conference call between your prospect, yourself and me. Prior to this event, you should have had a brief conversation with the prospect, either by email or phone. In that conversation, it should have been made clear that the prospect is interested in what you have to offer, and can afford your product or service. Since I may be able to get a higher price than you're used to, I strongly recommend you give them a budget range and not commit yourself to a specific price prior to involving me.

All you have to tell them is that you have this business consultant friend who you like to bring on calls, and work with to make sure both they (the prospect) and you get the best results out of working together. Tell them, "He asks the right questions." It's easy and people have no problem with it.

When the three of us are on the phone, I will lead the sales process. I'll ask questions and move the prospect along. You will be there in a technical capacity only--and will only have to talk when I ask you to clarify a technical point: such as what you can do and cannot do with your product or service.

When the prospect buys, they will pay you since they are your customer. Within four days of the transaction, you will pay me 15% of the gross as my fee. You can either send me a check by courier or transfer the funds by Paypal. You'll find that my service pays for itself.

Simple, right?

What I Don't Do
I am here to lead your prospects through a proven consistent sales process and get them to a Yes or a No. They must be the right fit for what you offer, or we cannot get a sale (and we shouldn't, either). I am not here to be your qualifier: meaning, I will not make prospecting calls for you. The correct point to bring me into the conversation with your prospect is after you have determined they are a fit on Need and Budget for you. This means they have a true need (or want) for what you offer, and can afford you. Again, I am not here to make prospecting calls on your behalf. Have this figured out before you involve me, please.

What Do We Do Next?
Now that you understand how this works, let's book a time for you to describe the prospect to me and strategize our approach.

Click the button below to schedule the time.


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[testimonial1 author="Eddie Spangler, Genius Videographer"]“I think 15% is a very good deal for those who need the help. Besides, if your expertise gets the person an extra $100 on what someone would normally charge $500 for then($600x.15+=$90) $600-$90 =$510.
Not only can it pay for itself it could actually make the person MORE money than they were going to get to begin with. Pretty much a no brainer for anyone who needs a "relief pitcher".”[/testimonial1]


[testimonial1 author="Randy,"]“I have worked with Jason on my sales process and I can say that he has put at least an additional $6k in my jeans.

With his coaching, items I used to sell for $500 I now sell for $2k and up. Yeah, I don't get as many buyers but that works for me. I make more money with less effort.

When a larger deal comes down the road (which is just around the corner) I'll be taking Jason up on this offer. 15% is nothing compared to closing the deal and putting that cash in my pocket rather than thinking I "know it all" and watch the big fish get away.”[/testimonial1]


[testimonial1 author="Ryan, Turning Leaf Marketing Services"]“It sure is nice to feel like I have a partner in this...Jason was able to work through a lot of details neither I nor the prospect really thought much about. We were both really glad he did though because those details really help put things into perspective for everyone.

The prospect responded to a cold email and I brought Jason on as soon as possible. On the phone we went over time and/or budget constraints, if what I offer fits with what he needs, anything that may disturb the timeline and so forth.... We covered a lot in about 55 minutes.”[/testimonial1]


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