Are you frustrated with your in-person and over-the-phone sales efforts, and confused by what your prospects do? Hiding behind your computer is NOT going to grow your business. You must get out and talk to people! But what do you say? How do you say it? And why do prospects react so strangely? I understand your concerns. I've been there. It's what made me invest over $13,000 and more than four years of my life into learning, and then getting good at teaching, these pro sales tools.

No on else offers these techniques--I have clients who have bought material from other, well-known sales trainers and they didn't know these methods! This is how to overcome your fear of calling, and make sales in today's world.

All Sales On Fire training is tax-deductible. It pays for itself right away. Take your receipt to your accountant.

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You're getting:

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  • 12-Module Calling & Sales Technique video training program
  • Phone Warriors Selling Strategies report, spilling all the secrets of how to be in control on the phone
  • Proven pdf phone script for you to customize for your business
  • Access to 1 hour and 20 minute Warriors Only webinar overview of consultative selling
  • Audio training recordings
  • Sure-Fire Sales Ignition System to kickstart your business
  • SOF In-Depth Coaching Webinars on How to book and run effective sales meetings (a lot more to it than you think!), Separating your sales performance from your self-esteem, Behavioral profiling to understand your prospects (and clear up all that confusion about why they do what they do), developing your prospecting plan, and other key topics
  • and much more!


This package is worth well over $13,000. That's the price you would pay if you could find and work for several years with a brick-and-mortar sales trainer. They'd dole these techniques out--if they knew them--one at a time like breadcrumbs to keep you paying. But you don't have to do that with me. I'm giving you all the key information right away, so you can get using it immediately and see those amazing sales results.

As a huge bonus, you'll be receiving my SALES JUDO program: all the details of how to plan and execute your prospecting activities. It's a four-module course that sells separately to the public for $995. You will have immediate access to all content.

If you need make several smaller payments instead, please email me at

The total will be slightly higher because of the additional time period, but I can help you.
Module Two webinars and other content will be opened up at the conclusion of payment if this option is needed.

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