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[features_box_red width="65%" + border="2px"Overcome Your Fear of Cold Calling In Under One Hour]

  • Learn what causes the IRRATIONAL fear of making calls
  • Discover why the symptoms of that fear stop you cold
  • Get an easy-to-use three step system for kicking that fear to the curb
  • Empower yourself to get on the phone any time and make money
  • Be in charge of your own mind...


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  • The secret to overcoming call reluctance lies in a forgotten part of the brain. We understand the RATIONAL side of the fear of making calls: we worry people won't answer the phone, or if they do that they won't talk to us. And look what happens! Half the people we call on average won't be in, and of those who do pick up the phone, half of them can't talk right now! Oh no! The results have borne out our fears!
  • But even when you understand these numbers, you still feel afraid. It's a nervous spin of your stomach, a little freezing up of your mind. What causes that?!
  • To find out the cause, and how to defeat it so that you can go comfortably make prospecting calls, be on this call. It's tonight, Wednesday April 3rd, at 7PM EST. We'll be on for about an hour, no longer. Yes, there will be a recording if you can't make it.
  • I can't over-emphasize the value and effect of this training. No one else teaches it. The telemarketing room bosses don't know it--if they did, they wouldn't have to "churn and burn" through 100 candidates to find one or two employees who stick around. Get on this call and change your life tonight.
  • This training is part of my $497 live two-hour coaching call, in which I spill the beans about what stops people from succeeding in sales, and how to get to the level they desire. So it's offered tonight at a huge discount. This is your chance to have this information and the stellar improvements it brings--tonight. Sign up with the button below, just $37


[testimonial1 author="Bryant, Sales Judo Member"]“ Good call and I agree worth whatever price if you are not making calls with success. Jason walked us through a simple (I LOVE SIMPLE) 3 step get your head right process then right into a new definition of call success. He takes the edge off and gave me a much better method to get the calls going.”[/testimonial1]
[testimonial1 author="Ed, Sales Judo Member"]“ It was awesome. He went in depth in so many items I had no clue about. He turned the 2-ton gorilla (phone) [into] a shrimp! (sorry, can't give it all away).”[/testimonial1]
[testimonial1 author="sgtaw, Sales Judo Member"]“He talked about my "lizard brain". It's small and doesn't do much. But it was killing my ability to make calls. Stupid lizard.

Well, now I know how to stomp the lizard and get on with making calls that are beneficial to both myself and the prospect.”[/testimonial1]

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