Speedy Sales Machine

Welcome to your Speedy Sales Machine

Let's make some money!

To do this quickly, you are going to LOAD prospects to be PROCESSED, and SALES are going to come out the other side.

Only five components or steps are required...plus you.

Each of the other parts doesn't think.

It doesn't feel.

It just does its job.

And that's what you need to do.

Be part of the machine. Don't think. Don't worry about what's happening. Just do your part.

And you WILL make sales...speedily.


  • FIRST, listen to these audios in order.
  • SECOND, read the PDF report.
  • THIRD, use your Cookbook to rapidly figure out how many leads you need to process to reach your revenue target. Apply your Flashy Speedometer to figure out how fast you need to go.
  • FOURTH, whip up your prospecting list with the Call Sheet. Pre-qualify your list with the Snap Listbuilding method.
  • FIFTH, blast through your pre-qualified prospects in five minutes or less each using Blue Streak Qualifying.
  • SIXTH, spring the Hair Trigger Close on qualified prospects to get the sale.
  • SEVENTH, shoot those who won't be closed out to the next step with Lightning Exhaust.

You can listen to the audios and read the PDF and be ready to go in an hour. There's no reason for you not to be running the Speedy Sales Machine and on your way to making sales in under two.



Flashy Speedometer

Snap Listbuilding

Blue Streak Qualifying

The Hair Trigger Close

Lightning Exhaust



Speedy Sales Machine Guide


Qualifying Guide


Cookbook - Figure out how many dials you need to make

Call Sheet - Your prospecting list

BONUS: What's Wrong With Selling Today

I ran this as a webinar, but there's no offer at the end--it's 100% content. If you're wondering why selling today doesn't work the way it did just a few years ago, this is why.


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